ACM-W UK (Association of Computing Machinery, a professional body for academics and professionals in computing and related fields, women’s chapter for UK) aims at celebrating women and their contribution to the field of computing.  

As part of our outreach initiatives, to bridge gaps between education and industry, we have some proposals to work closely in partnership with high schools and colleges. We are currently recruiting volunteers to create a video to share with young people to encourage them to consider computing and related STEM subjects for academic and career choices. The video lasting no more than 5 minutes addressing some questions, is aimed at giving the audience an opportunity to understand career options and the necessary skills needed.

It is a virtual participation offer, requiring no travel or face-to-face interaction with students. If you would like to stay connected with our volunteer initiatives, please register as a volunteer and receive communication as and when we have some news. Here is a form to register volunteer interest:

If you would like to know more about the video presentation and what is expected of it, please feel free to read this document here

and here

Lubna Khan, Data Analyst at a UK digital media and publishing firm, who has recently joined us as a Publicity and Outreach Officer, will be leading ACM-W UK “Outreach for students of Computing at comprehensive schools and sixth form colleges” program. 

We aim to have a webinar towards the end of this month (date to be confirmed) providing the opportunity for all attendees to raise any questions around this initiative and scope the delivery around the needs of the wider community.Your participation would be highly valuable in directing the conversations around this topic.

If you would like to know more about about the ACM-W UK Outreach initiatives, please, read here

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via email on: 




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