The work of ACM-W UK is managed and performed by volunteers who contribute their time and effort organising various activities to foster a sense of community and mutual support among professional women in computing. The roles and participation are flexible and leadership roles are time-limited to ensure that other volunteers have a chance to make their contributions.

ACM-W UK  harnesses the talent and the enthusiasm of volunteers who wish to take up specific roles or tasks. The work is allocated based on individuals’ skills, affinity, and availability. The selection of tasks and time contributions are flexible and vary based on individuals desires and ACM-W UK needs.

ACM-W UK will be accepting applications for volunteer roles:

Volunteer position ACM -W UK Application form 

ACM-W UK Chapter Open Positions:


The Chapter Secretary

The ongoing responsibilities of the Chapter Secretary include:

  1. Informing ACM Headquarters of the names and contact information of new officers and providing headquarters with updated membership lists;
  2. Sending agenda to board members for executive board meetings and recording the minutes of such meetings;
  3. Handling all chapter correspondence on a timely basis;
  4. Maintaining chapter files for historical purposes;
  5. Corresponding with headquarters regarding changes to the chapter’s bylaws.


The Chapter Membership Chairperson


The Membership Chairperson is responsible for:

  1. Coordinating membership procedures and fee with Treasurer;
  2. Recruiting new members to ACM and contacting headquarters for promotional materials;
  3. Maintaining chapter membership records and database, including member name, email, phone, fax number, address, company, dues payment, and ACM membership number;
  4. Establishing a membership campaign, especially at renewal time; and
  5. Working to set up corporate membership and institutional sponsorship programs when possible, and communicating with the Local Activities Coordinator about renewal trends.


 Outreach Officer

  1. Coordinating with the Chapter Officers on publicity events.
  2. Publish  chapter related news/updates on Twitter/Facebook/Linkedin/Medium and any other social media.
  3. Recruit new Outreach team members for creating and handling publicity events.

For further information, please, e-mail