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We are happy to announce that ACM-W UK ( ACMW UK- Association for Computing Machinery Women UK’s local chapter – a professional body for the UK region for academics and industry professionals within the field of computing and related STEM subject areas) is launching a number of outreach initiatives and would like to invite you to join us on the 8th of September at 4 pm to discuss “Outreach for students of Computing at comprehensive schools and sixth form colleges” project!
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Lubna Khan, Publicity and Outreach Officer, is leading ACM-W UK Outreach Project and will be hosting the event.

Please, join us:

  • If you wish to support ACM-W UK in its outreach initiatives as a volunteer participant or a mentor.
  • if you represent a charity/ school/ institution/ community group and would like to discuss the project with us and potentially get involved. 
  • If you think you can give us advice on how to proceed with the project and share your experience of running a similar outreach program.
  •  if you want to support us in any way.
  • if you want to sponsor our outreach program.

If you wish to support ACM-W UK in its outreach initiatives as a volunteer participant, please fill the form here.

For charities/ schools/ institutions/ community groups:

If you wish to collaborate and engage with outreach initiatives facilitated by ACM-W UK, please fill the form here to register your interest.

Outreach for students of Computing at comprehensive schools and sixth form colleges.


One of the key challenges faced by comprehensive schools is the low turn-out of girls in STEM subjects, specifically in Computing due to a perceived lack of opportunities and support for the minority gender, particularly impacting subject choices made by those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Opportunities to explore academic and career opportunities within computing, and to engage with professionals from diverse backgrounds are likely to make a significant contribution to raising aspirations of the focus group.

ACM-W UK is committed to challenging stereotypes and supporting young aspirants, particularly girls and those from disadvantaged backgrounds, to choose computing for an academic and a career choice. ACM-W UK proposes to enhance learning experiences at secondary and further education levels by highlighting necessary skills needed for ongoing academic learning and professional practice through events and activities delivered by volunteer groups. The initiative is aimed at supplementing core topics from subject content for Computing under the National Curriculum for the focus year groups.

Key Objectives:

The outreach initiatives launched by ACM-W UK are aimed at achieving the following objectives:

Challenging stereotypes by promoting, supporting and highlighting women in computing.

Supporting young people to transition into employment within the domain of computing by bridging the skills gap between education and employment.

Promoting gender equality in computing education and in the workplace by building support groups and collaboration with the wider community.

Highlighting women as role-models and projecting the importance of having women in professional roles as a means of achieving collective growth and progress.

Supporting and encouraging more young people, particularly girls to choose computing at secondary and further levels of education.

Raise awareness within the community on issues impacting equality, diversity and inclusion- particularly in education and employment.

Agenda for 2020:

Following consultation with the committee members, the following initiatives have been planned for Q3 and Q4 of 2020 with the broader objectives of ACM-W UK in view.

  • (Virtual) Hands-on coding workshops.(Scope: Python Basics)
  • Virtual interviews (Q&A sessions) with working professionals.
  • Blog posts & video recordings of working professionals.
  • Virtual talks and meet up sessions with recent university entrants and graduates.
  • Mentoring.

Outreach for students of Computing at comprehensive schools and sixth form colleges video presentation here Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have regarding this via email on


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