The work of ACM-W UK is managed and performed by volunteers who contribute their time and effort organising various activities to foster a sense of community and mutual support among professional women in computing. The roles and participation are flexible and leadership roles are time-limited to ensure that other volunteers have a chance to make their contributions.
ACM-W UK harnesses the talent and the enthusiasm of volunteers who wish to take up specific roles or tasks. The work is allocated based on individuals’ skills, affinity, and availability. The selection of tasks and time contributions are flexible and vary based on individuals desires and ACM-W UK needs.

ACM-W UK is accepting applications for volunteer roles:


The Chapter Vice Chair.

The chapter Vice Chairperson should be prepared to assume the office of Chairperson or temporarily act in that position at any time. The Vice Chairperson should be familiar with the duties and responsibilities of the Chairperson, and of the other elected officers and committee chairpersons.

The Vice Chairperson can be an integral component of the chapter’s operation. In most cases, the Vice Chairperson is responsible for overseeing the activities and progress of the various committee and chapter programs.


The Chapter Treasurer.

The chapter’s financial management and operation are of great importance to the Association. The chapter Treasurer is responsible for the fiscal operation and reporting of the chapter, and of all committees and programs established by the chapter.

Upon assuming office, it is recommended that the Treasurer notify banks of signature change on accounts.

  • The ongoing responsibilities of the chapter treasurer include:
  • Maintaining all chapter financial records and chapter checkbook;
  •  Collecting money at meetings if applicable;
  • Filing mandatory annual financial report with headquarters;
  • Supplying appropriate budget report to the executive board of the chapter;
  • Reporting financial status to chapter;
  •  Coordinating membership procedure and fee with membership chairperson.


The Chapter Career Chair.

  • Help students get ready for, apply to, and negotiate job offers
  • Organize mock technical interviews twice per year for both full-time and internship interview preparation
  • Host career information events for companies
  • Find and post job and internship opportunities in the newsletter


The Chapter Outreach Officer.

  • Help introduce students to computer science
  • Organise outreach activities in the community
  • Recruit new Outreach team members for creating and handling publicity events.
The Chapter Fundraising Officer.
  • Develop fundraising streams for the organisation.


ACM is currently recruiting volunteers to create a video to share with young people to encourage them to consider computing and related STEM subjects for academic and career choices. The video lasting no more than 5 minutes addressing some questions, is aimed at giving the audience an opportunity to understand career options and the necessary skills needed.

It is a virtual participation offer, requiring no travel or face-to-face interaction with students. If you would like to stay connected with our volunteer initiatives, please register as a volunteer and receive communication as and when we have some news.

If you wish to support ACM-W UK in its outreach initiatives as a volunteer participant, please fill the form here.


If you would like to know more about the ACM -W UK Outreach Program, please read here

For further information, please, e-mail

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