ACM-W UK is delighted to invite you to attend a speaker series on the subject of “Flavours of Computing”.

We are very happy that we have been able to invite the best female professionals in academia and industry in computing in the UK to talk about their research projects and to share their ideas on how computing technologies are helping both society and individuals.

We hope that both our speakers and our listeners will enjoy the webinars. Each talk will be followed by a discussion. Through a programme packed with insightful topics “Flavours of Computing” provides a unique experience to learn, network and inspire!

The webinars are free to attend!

Host and Organiser: Dr. Poonam Yadav, ACM-W UK Chair and Lecturer (Assistant Professor), University of York, UK

Co-host:Anastasia Nazarova, ACM-W UK Communication and Project coordinator

The first webinar will take place on Friday, the 11 th of September at 3pm.

Dr. Jennifer Chubb, Department of Computer Science University of York, will talk: “AI Futures: an interdisciplinary approach”.

Please, register to attend here

Speaker: Dr. Jennifer Chubb.

Short Bio: ” I am a postdoctoral researcher in the ethics and impact of science and technology. That means I am mostly concerned with the societal implications of science. My current postdoc at DC labs looks at the impact of AI over the coming decades examining the views of scientists, thought leaders and industry about the future implications of AI for humanity. My background is in moral philosophy and science policy and now in social science – and yet I work in a very interdisciplinary environment at York, DC labs – as a member of the Computer Science Department. This can confuse some people! But while the Lab works on all aspects of digital technology and interactive storytelling, from its development through to its implementation, my role enables me to explore the implications for society from scholarly, public, policy and technological impact perspectives. This talk will describe my journey to this point and some of the considerations I see in working in an interdisciplinary manner”.

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