We are glad to welcome  Julia Kunikowska who has recently joined our team as an Intern!

Julia is currently a second-year computer science student at university of York and works as an intern for both ACM-W UK and University of York . Julia will be working on a new project which involves surveying UK academics (both male and female) to find research interests and strengths using machine learning.

We asked Julia to tell us about herself and to share her thoughts on what she expects from her Internship:

“This internship has been a great opportunity for me since it allows me to learn more about the kind of industry I could work in after I graduate university, but also lets me meet many amazing people. One of the best things about it has been learning more machine learning as well as challenging my programming skill which will help me in both future work and my university modules. While in college I studied mathematics, computer science, and politics as I wanted to have an option to study either at university, but I am happy that I chose computer science in the end since I enjoy it greatly and still continue reading about politics in my spare time.”

It is amazing to have such a young, fresh and talented new member as a part of our team!



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