Inspiring feedback breathes life into our work!

We would like to share Leila’s feedback on how Professor Cecilia Mascolo’s talk “Listening to your health: Mobile Health Diagnostics through Audio Signals”, organised by ACM-W UK Chapter, helped her decide to pursue studying Computer Science.

A great talk by Prof. Cecilia Mascolo, a Full Professor of Mobile Systems in the Department of Computer Science and Technology, University of Cambridge, on the work being done in developing digital technologies to collect the body’s sound signals and run automatic diagnostic analysis on the data, took place on the 17th of July 2020 as part of a speaker series on the subject of “Computing for Social Good” run by ACM-W UK team. 

We would like to thank Leila Mebrate and her father Yoseph Mebrate, Head of Technical Support and Innovation, Clinical Engineering, Royal Brompton Hospital, London, for attending ACW-W UK webinars and Social Events and for sharing this inspiring feedback with ACM-W UK team and our followers!

“Listening to Professor Cecilia Moscolo’s presentation about mobile health diagnostics through audio signals helped me confirm my A-level choice of computer science. The presentation opened up a new perspective of computer science for me- one involving and aiding the medical world- which highlighted to me the vast range of possible domains in which computer science could be applied.

As I’ve not yet decided what I would like to study at university, if computer science at all, the presentation reassured me that taking computer science would not limit me but instead give me an opening into many different job areas.
Additionally, the explanation of Professor Cecilia Moscolo’s work in the current Covid-19 pandemic helped me better understand the possible application of computer science in medicine in a way I had never considered.  Thank you!  – Leila Mebrate”

“Many thanks for organising these talks and making them available for a wider audience!”- Yoseph Mebrate.

It looks like the engaged and cooperative work of the ACM-W UK team brings great results and can change somebody’s life!

We wish Leila and Yoseph all the best!

I am publishing Professor Cecilia Mascolo’s talk “Listening to your health: Mobile Health Diagnostics through Audio Signals” here:


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