Running a Speaker Series is one of our favourite ways of supporting our mission to foster public awareness and understanding of computing as a science that works for the public good.  We love introducing our members and followers to inspiring ideas through sharing cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs in the field of computer science. Through the webinars, we connect individuals working in the field of computing and encourage interdisciplinary and international research and cooperation.

Whilst running the ACM-W UK Webinar Series ‘Computing for Social Good’, we were fortunate to host amazing speakers and to provide a platform from which to share inspiring ideas and scientific research findings.

We would like to thank both our speakers and webinar attendees, as well as those of you who listened to the recorded talks published on the ACM-W UK Youtube channel. We hope you enjoyed the webinars as much as we did!

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to Dr. Poonam, ACM-W UK Chair and Lecturer (Assistant Professor), University of York, UK who organised and ran the webinars, to Anastasia Nazarova, ACM-W UK Communication and Project coordinator for advertising and co-hosting the webinars, and to the ACM-W UK team for suggesting the speakers and topics for the webinars and supporting the events through active participation.

During the period of four months from the middle of April until the end of July, ACM-W UK hosted 12 events, including nine webinars, two networking events, and one presentation.

Over 800 people attended events run by ACM W UK. Over 600 people watched videos of webinars published on the ACM W UK Youtube channel. The number of ACM-W UK active members increased from 120 to 300+ in 4 months. The members’ attendance retention rate has improved by 40%. The active involvement of volunteers was also significantly enhanced.  We are planning to run a new speaker series, starting from the 11th of September. For information about it, please follow us on social media (Twitter, Linkedin, or Facebook).

You can listen to the recorded talks published on the ACM-W UK Youtube channel:

Amali de Alwis

Title of Talk: “Building Code First: Girls – how we taught 10,000 women how to code”.

Biography: Amali de Alwis is currently UK Managing Director of Microsoft for Startups. She is a board member of Ada, the National College for Digital Skills, and the Institute of Coding

Title of Talk: The impact of fake news dissemination (Misinformation, Disinformation, and Mal-information) on the COVID-19 outbreak in two cases studies being done in Brazil and the UK.
Biography: Dr. Marjory DA COSTA-ABREU (Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at Sheffield Hallam University) gave a talk about her investigation on the impact of fake news dissemination (Misinformation, Disinformation, and Mal-information) on the COVID-19 outbreak in two cases studies being done in Brazil and the UK.

Part 2 and Part 3

Dr. Hatice Gunes

Title of Talk: Artificial Emotional Intelligence for Well-being.

Biography: Dr. Gunes is a Reader (Associate Professor) in Affective Intelligence and Robotics (AFAR) and the Director of the AFAR Lab at the University of Cambridge’s Department of Computer Science and Technology

Dr. Bran Knowles
Title of Talk: Social Impacts of Computing.
Biography: Bran Knowles is a Lecturer in the Data Science Institute at Lancaster University and a member of the ACM Europe Technology Policy Committee. Her research explores the social impacts of computing.
Prof. Cecilia Mascolo

Title of Talk: Listening to your health: Mobile Health Diagnostics through Audio Signals.

Biography: Prof. Cecilia Mascolo is a Full Professor of Mobile Systems in the Department of Computer Science and Technology, University of Cambridge and part of the Systems Research Group

Dr. Diana Popescu

Title of Talk: “Performance in the age of cloud computing and edge computing”

Biography: Diana Andreea Popescu is a postdoctoral researcher working on IoT, edge computing, and data centre networking in the Systems Research Group at the University of Cambridge, Department of Computer Science and Technology.

Prof. Blanca Rodriguez.

Title of Talk: “Augmenting drug development and cardiology with computer science.”

Biography: Blanca Rodriguez is Professor of Computational Medicine and Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow at the University of Oxford

Speaker: Professor Elena Simperl. 
Title of Talk: “The human face of AI: how collective and augmented intelligence can help solve societal problems”

Biography: Elena Simperl is a professor of computer science at King’s College London, a Fellow of the British Computer Society and former Turing fellow.

Dr. Kutoma J. Wakunuma
Title of Talk: “Critical Questions at the Intersection of Digitalisation, Development and Justice in the Global South”.

Biography: Dr. Kutoma Wakunuma is an Associate Professor at De Montfort University.


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